Training Classes

Outdoor pet dog training classes are held near Lane End on Thursday mornings at 11am. Each class lasts 45 minutes, costs £10 a lesson, run during school term time and we aim to have no more than 4 dogs in a class.

Dogs attending this class are often rescue dogs, older puppies starting classes or dogs continuing from puppy classes. This outdoor class introduces recalls with distractions, fetch and working the dogs at a distance. Dogs ideally should have either completed a puppy training class or already know a little basic training. If required a short 1-2-1 training session to learn some basic training can be arranged before starting classes.

The classes progress the exercises sit, down, leave, loose lead walking, wait and recall, increasing their duration and distractions. However all dogs work at their own pace and abilities.

For further information please e-mail [email protected] If you would like to attend classes please email me for a registration form.