About Agility

Agility is something Poppy and I really enjoy and we regularly compete at agility competitions. This page should help provide you with information about the sport and some useful links if you were interested in learning more about competing (it isn’t as scary as it first seems, we promise!)

There are various organisations that run competitions each with their own set of rules, the main two are the Kennel Club and UK Agility.

Kennel Club (this is the one you see at Crufts)

UK Agility

There are also many other independent competitions that run some of which include
FAB http://www.dawnweaveragility.com/fabshows

To compete at Kennel Club:

You can find a list of all the show dates,  schedules and entry forms on the following site

Also some competition entries can also be made through these sites or you can just fill in a paper copy and post it with a cheque:
http://www.firstplaceprocessing.com https://www.agilityplaza.com/index

I am a member and approved instructor of The Agility Club who are a Kennel Club registered club, their website is https://agilityclub.org/ the benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Monthly full colour magazine, packed full of the latest agility news, stories, articles, training tips.
  • Certificates are available to members for dogs qualifying Out of Grades 1 through 6 and Qualifying for Grade 7
  • The Agility Club Annual Awards where all your competing dogs are eligible to gain points towards our prestigious awards.
  • Member only Instructor and Training seminars