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Outdoor pet dog training classes are held near Lane End on Saturday mornings. Each class lasts 45 minutes and runs for 6 weeks and we aim to have no more than 4 dogs in a class. Dogs should be over 5 months of age at the start of the class.

Dogs attending the outdoor pet class are often dogs continuing from the puppy or indoor pet class. The outdoor course is slightly more difficult and focuses more on recall, fetch and working the dogs at a distance on a long line. Dogs attending the outdoor class should have either completed a puppy training class or already know some basic training. If required a short 1-2-1 training session to learn some basic training can be arranged before starting classes.

The classes progresses the exercises previously taught including sit, down, leave, loose lead walking, wait and recall, increasing their duration and distractions. For further information please e-mail

If you would like to attend a class please complete the relevant booking form send it with payment to the address on the form, places will only be confirmed once payment has been received.

Outdoor Pet Dog Training Classes

Next Start Date:
Time: 10am
Duration: 6 Weeks
Location: Near Lane End, High Wycombe
Cost: £60